Daniel Frost is an intuitive clairvoyant medium and Reiki Master Teacher whose compassionate demeanor and peaceful spirit has brought smiles and healing to many. It is with great joy that he seeks to assist others in their search for healing and truth.

Life is a sacred opportunity for love, learning, compassion, and forgiveness.

Helping others and being of service to the greater good is the cornerstone of Daniel’s life. Since childhood, he felt compelled to serve; always eager to lend a hand to anyone in need. This yearning to help others combined with his desire to understand the mysteries and complexities of life has led him on an ongoing spiritual journey.

Dan has always had the gift of sight into the realm of Spirit. He is a natural empath as well. Many years went by before Dan fully understood what he was experiencing, and developed the courage to use his gifts to assist others. Through years of studying spiritual disciplines, meditation, and metaphysical teachings, Dan stepped onto his path of enlightenment and awakening, fully understanding the responsibility to integrity that goes along with helping others understand their own life journey.

The Buddha once said that life is birth, old age, sickness, and death. While that may be true, the core of Daniels’ belief is that life doesn’t simply end at physical death. He feels that this life is a continuous unbroken thread of which this physical incarnation is but one integral part.  There are other parts to the thread that perhaps we are unable to see with clarity or fully understand at this time, and Dan welcomes these as future opportunities for growth and sharing.



Dan’s heart is gold as he imparts wisdom to me. He truly connects to Source and brings such authenticity and wisdom to his words. I just feel the truth in him, and that allows me to dig deeper and find my own truth. He’s a true spiritual leader. – K.B.

Spirit speaks through Dan in the most unique and loving ways. His delivery is direct, getting through to the heart of the matters at hand. The love in his heart for Spirit & his client’s best interest is felt time and time again with the delivery of information from beyond. Daniel has a connection to Spirit that is unparalleled, and I’d highly recommend him to anyone seeking answers to life’s biggest questions or connections to loved ones on the other side. – S.S.